About Stephanie

My name is Stephanie Lawrence aka “The Credit Repair Queen”, the woman behind Precision Credit Restoration.

I am your preferred credit repair consultant.  I am a daughter, mother, sister, aunt, niece, business owner and friend with a generous heart.  I enjoy reading, dance, spending time with my family, and most of all helping people in need in any way I can.  Growing up I always aspired to be a Pediatrician (ask anyone in my family, that’s all I spoke about).  So I attended a small liberal arts college in Carlisle, PA and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and French.  I studied Pre-Med thinking I was going to attend Medical School to receive my MD Degree.  However, life threw me that unexpected curve ball and I had my beautiful daughter, who is a major blessing in my life and also the reason for everything I do and strive to accomplish. 

Instead of giving up on my dreams of pursing an advanced degree, I just changed my course of thinking and decided to attain my MBA with a focus in Accounting and Finance.  Around that time I was searching to buy a home so I could start a new life with my new baby.  Unfortunately, I had no clue where to start.  I thought having steady employment was enough and boy was I wrong.  I was told they needed to check my credit score to see how much of a mortgage loan I could be qualified for and in turn I received the shock of my life. 

When I first checked my credit score it was 535, it then dropped to a low of 478...Yes, 478! I’m not embarrassed to share this with you because I know the grave situation I was in and just like so many others out there I was forced to discover the importance of checking your credit report to know where you stand. I researched, studied and learned all of the laws, rights and facts on credit, credit scoring, debt settlement, and more to help myself and to eventually help others. I worked diligently and disputed with credit agencies and credit bureaus until I saw major improvements.

With several rounds of sending personalized dispute letters to the credit bureaus, creditors and developing a great debt management system, I increased my score approximately 122 points in about 60 days, then it soared even more from then. After fixing my own credit, I started to practice with family members and close friends to see what type of other results I could achieve and they all benefited greatly from this gesture.  This is why I know this process works.  Not only does it work, but also I obtain immense satisfaction from seeing people smile and jump for joy after going from poor credit to excellent credit and being able to get approved for loans they once were denied.  It is one of the most gratifying feelings that I cannot explain.  I moved forward to acquire official training and became a Certified Credit Consultant.  Even though I don’t get to help patients suffering from ailments, I get to help thousands of people in need suffering from poor credit/financial ruin, which adversely affects their lifestyle.