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Sure good credit plays a vital role in your financial life, there's no denying that. It's essential for qualifying for a loan, getting a credit card, or even less obvious things like renting a car or getting your dream job.

However, sometimes life hits hard and your credit score can easily go from good to none or even bad. All of a sudden, you can't free up additional money to set aside for emergencies, retirement or other unexpected expenses.

Not to mention how much stress you're putting on yourself by having a sizeable debt and depressing credit score.

Now for the good news! Having a good credit score is not difficult, simply because there are many resources and a pool of information on how to build a good credit rating...and I'm willing to share it all with you.

All you have to do is follow the five fundamental steps to building a great credit profile, covered in my eBook "Build Your Credit From Scratch - Five Steps To Confident Credit".

All you need is a bit of patience and you'll quickly be able to build and maintain a solid credit history that will enable you to get the credit you need, when you need it.

Here's what's included in Build Your Credit From Scratch:

Who Needs Good Credit

Why Do You Need Good Credit

What Exactly Is Good Credit

Will You Benefit From This Book

Step 1: Figure Out Your Current Finances

Step 2: Open A Bank Account

Step 3: Get A Secured Credit Card

Step 4: Become an Authorized User

Step 5: Get an Unsecured Credit Card

Step 6: Get an Installment Loan

Some Credit Repair Methods to Avoid

The End Game

Customer Testimonials

"I was complaining about my poor credit score, not having a car and paying high interest rates for about a year. In just 35 days I had 9 items deleted from my credit report, added 2 positive accounts and my score rose 134 points, and that was only the beginning. Now, I’ve been able to get approved for 2 major credit cards, a car loan and not having to pay outrageous interest rates. With this program, I was able to clean up my credit with phenomenal results. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone. Thanks for saving me from my financial rut." - Dwayne Blount Upper Marlboro, MD

"I started with a 580 even after paying thousands of dollars of debt. It only took about 6 months for my credit score to jump to a 791. When I saw my credit had increase this high I was shocked. I felt like this took the biggest stone off my back. I never thought I would see good credit anytime soon. Life is a whole lot better thanks to Stephanie. Thank you once again for letting me see the light." - Mary Moore Beltsville, MD

"My credit score went from a low 600 credit score to 765 within only 45 days! Within this short time frame, I've been able to qualify for high limit credit cards with low interest rates, purchase a new car and in the process to refinance my home. Kudos to the Queen...keep doing what you do best. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone and I have. Thank you." - L. Rowlabi Bowie, MD

"They don’t call her The Credit Repair Queen for nothing. Her program has taken me from a poor credit rating of 508 to a 696 credit score in only one month. This decision has been well worth it. Thanks Stephanie." - M. Barracks Philadelphia, PA

Discover the 5 steps to go from no credit (or bad credit) to good credit.  Follow this simple formula to accelerate your credit score.

Are you not living to the fullest simply because bad credit is holding you back? Are you frustrated because you feel like you're stuck in credit prison and don't know how to bust out and achieve the credit score you deserve. Do you want to know the key steps to skyrocket your credit score (without any guesswork)?  Well you need a proven plan that works.