Ready to elevate your credit?

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I would like to personally help you improve your credit status.  I have programs where I can train you so that you can do it yourself successfully or if you rather not have to worry about the grunt work, I would love to handle it personally for you.  But to see what options are available and what program would be the best fit for you, we will need to get on the phone and have a conversation. During our session, I'll get to find out your credit condition, your goals and we will develop the best course of action to help you get started.  To book a private and confidential consultation with me, please book a date and time by clicking on the link below.

To get started you will need an account with Identity IQ and email your login credentials to me at  You can open the Identity IQ account HERE. Once you've opened that account schedule your 700+ Credit Score Success Coaching Session HERE.

** Please check your email for additional pertinent details on how to prepare for this strategy session.

In order to provide you the best service, there are some things required for the strategy session. They are:

  • Consultations are conducted on weekdays from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm EST based on availability.

  • Active credit monitoring accounts with provider, Identity IQ.

  • Confirmation of your enrollment and login credentials should be emailed to along with the last four of your social security number. This should be sent within 24 hours prior to the start of the appointment with the email subject: Login Credentials For Consultation.

  • You will receive a follow up confirming granted access to all three credit reports and scores.

  • All consultations carry a non-refundable $25.00 fee.

  • I will place a call to you approximately five (5) minutes to the start of the actual appointment. There will only be two (2) attempts to contact you. If the scheduled appointment has exceeded more than 15 minutes in a delay, the appointment will be forfeited.