Mini Credit Repair Starter Package

Mini Credit Repair Starter Package


Are you ready to jumpstart your credit and learn how to stop those stubborn annoying collection phone calls? 

This starter package is filled with action packed letters, and instructions on how to budget and improve your credit profile.

Get your starter package today.

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 Starter Package Includes :

* How to Read Your Credit Repair Guide

 * Credit Report Legend

 * How to Request Copies of Credit Report

 * Frequently Asked Questions

 * Why You Should Establish 

 * What Makes Up Your Credit Score

 * Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

 * Credit Scoring Companies

 * How to Create A Budget

 * Secured Credit Cards

 * Adding Good Credit to Your Credit Reports 

 * Choices for Credit Card Debt

 * How to Remove Inquiries 

 * How to Stop Collection Calls (Do Not Call Letter/Cease Desist Letter)

 * Debt Validation Attempt 1 & 2

 * Remove Listing from Chex Systems

 * Add Positive Credit to Your Credit Profile

 * Remove Account In Dispute Letter