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The Credit Repair Queen Revamps Beltsville Woman's Credit Score 100 Points in 30 Days!

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"Years ago I got married and a year later I was blessed with a baby boy. Renting a two bedroom condo and paying someone else's mortgage really got to me. I was growing eager to buy a home as well as a reliable car because the one I have won't last me through another winter. Only problem was my credit. I recalled a friend of mine saying that she used The Credit Repair Queen with Precision Credit Restoration. I picked up my phone and called and was able to set up a same day free consultation. Now I have to say I was pretty nervous because although my friend received amazing results I was almost positive there was no way I could too. As soon as I had my free consultation with Stephanie, my mind was put at immediate ease. She had such a warm and reassuring presence. She went over what credit repair means as well as my rights as a consumer. She assured me she would be there step by step and will work diligently to improve my credit and help me on my way to financial freedom. That she did!

When I began my credit journey with The Credit Repair Queen on July 12th my credit was in the mid 500's. So you can imagine my surprise when the bank representative informed me that my credit score was now in the upper 600's. I asked him to repeat himself. When he did, I screamed so loud! In only a month my credit score had gone up 100 points! I was overcome with joy and hope. Stephanie Lawrence has really worked wonders, not to mention she's still not done working her magic. She will definitely be someone I never let out of my life. She really cares and wants the best for your future! I even had my husband sign up as well! We are in the midst of starting a business and she even helps establish business credit as well. I know this is just the beginning and thanks to The Credit Repair Queen I know my future is bright. Don't procrastinate any longer let her make your future bright as well!"

 M. Liriano, Beltsville, MD

The Credit Repair Queen Raises Score 134 Points in Only 90 Days!!

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I was complaining about my poor credit score, not having a car and paying high interest rates for about a year and finally my friend told me about Precision Credit Restoration and how they could help me improve my credit score.  I will admit I was a little nervous about opening up to someone about my poor credit status and what caused all of it, but eventually I decided to suck it up and take control of my credit.  I decided to meet Stephanie and I was surprised by how she listened and made me feel comfortable about my situation.  She explained the whole process in terms I could understand and told me sit back while she took over the stressful workload.  And that she did, in just 35 days I had 9 items deleted from my credit report, added 2 positive accounts and my score rose 134 points, and that was only the beginning.  Now, I’ve been able to get approved for 2 major credit cards, a car loan and not having to pay outrageous interest rates. Stephanie is a true professional and her company cleaned up my credit with phenomenal results.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Thank you Stephanie for saving me from my financial rut.

D. Blount - Upper Marlboro, MD

The Credit Repair Queen Helps Client From No Credit To A Credit Card With A $10,000 Limit!

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you for all of the hard work that you did in improving my credit score.  I am so thankful that Rob put us in touch with you.  You were extremely responsive and pleasant and are very good at what you do.  I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone.  Because of your hard work, I was able to obtain a credit card with a $10,000 limit J  (Don’t worry, I’ll be smart!) 

K. Cross - Baltimore, Maryland

The Credit Repair Queen Helps Client Qualify For A Loan Start His Own Business!

My name is Edwin Romero, from Montgomery County, Maryland.  About 6 months ago my credit score was nearly in the gutter.  After loosing my home due to a foreclosure, I lost hope and thought my credit score would never go above 586, even after I began paying back all the outstanding balances in collections. The highest score I recall seeing was a 603, but after 30 days it would go back down to 580 even after paying thousands of dollars of debt.

 A good friend referred me to Stephanie Lawrence, and the first advice she gave me was to stop paying off my accounts and let her handle it, so I did. Ms. Lawrence contacted all the accounts I had in collections and worked her Magic. And I really do mean MAGIC! It only took about 6 months for my credit score to jump to a 791.  When I saw my credit had increased this high I was shocked. I felt like she took the biggest stone off my back.  I never thought I would see good credit anytime soon.

 Thanks to Stephanie Lawrence who knows her job very well, I can say I truly believe there is someone who can help; I was amazed with Ms. Lawrence’s work. Ms. Lawrence had the ability to eliminate a foreclosure and Capital One account off my credit report, now that's impressive.  We all know how difficult it can be to deal with credit bureau agencies, but for Ms. Lawrence it was a piece of cake. I was able to purchase a dump truck for my business and now I feel like a new man! And life is a whole lot better thanks to Ms. Lawrence. Thank you once again for letting me see the light.

Edwin Romero - Gaithersburg, MD

The Credit Repair Queen Helps Client Qualify For A New Range Rover With A 3.11% Interest Rate!

“Life is better when you have good credit. Trust me!” Stephanie said.  I did, and 177 points later, trusting the Credit Repair Queen was one of the best decision, I’ve made in my life. From student loans to traffic tickets, my credit was shot. After 32 years of pretending it didn’t exist, my 534 credit score kept showing up at the worst places, like the car dealership. I was driving a 2004 VW Beetle and its repairs were costing me more than it’s worth. I had no choice but to face my truth. My credit was not just a random number it was affecting my life. After my initial meeting with Stephanie, I was still apprehensive about what having good credit meant. As my number began to increase with each monthly report, I began to get new credit card offers in the mail and that was just the beginning. Three months later, she counseled me on my status and was time to go back to the dealership. It wasn't  just any dealership. I wanted a Range Rover and with the help from Queen, that’s what I got. 2013 Range Rover Evoque with no money down and a 3.11% interest rate. My current score 713 and with Stephanie’s help it will soon be 750. I trusted her, and she was right. Life is better when you have good credit."

Tashya Tummings, Upper Marlboro, MD

Precision Credit Restoration has been everything they stand for; from profession advice to monitoring your credit and guiding you to attain the best credit score you can ever imagine. They helped me from a low 600 credit score to 765 within only 45 days! Within this short time frame, I've been able to qualify for high limit credit cards with low interest rates, purchase a new car and in the process to refinance my home. I was able to kick back and relax, while my credit worries were being professionally monitored by The Credit Repair Queen. Kudos to the Queen...keep doing what you do best. I would recommend them to anyone and I have. Thank you.
L. Rowlabi - Bowie, MD

188 Credit Score Increase In One Month After Working With The Credit Repair Queen

My experience with Precision Credit Restoration has been fantastic. They don’t call her The Credit Repair Queen for nothing. She has taken me from a poor credit rating of 508 to a 696 credit score in only one month. This decision has been well worth it. Thanks Stephanie.
M. Barracks - Philadelphia, PA

All Items Cleared Up On Credit Report In Less Than 2 Months

I was beyond pleased with the service Stephanie and Precision Credit Restoration provided me. After looking deeper into my report, we learned that my identity and my mom’s identity, which as a result of having the same name and address, were mixed up with one another. Accounts that belonged to her were appearing on one of the bureau reports including her year of birth. All of this was cleared in addition to other items Stephanie and I set goals for. The most impressive part, was that it was all cleared within less than 2 months. With that, all my bureau score reports increased amazingly. I highly recommend Precision Credit Restoration for their great customer service, attentiveness, and impressive efficiency.

S. Garcia - New York