Finally I can reveal my credit-boosting secrets

It took me months and months of research, trial and (embarrassing) error, and mistake after mistake after mistake.

After six months of working at it, I still couldn’t…

  • Buy a house…heck, I couldn’t even get an apartment without paying a steep security deposit!
  • Buy a new car…I was praying that my old beater with paint peeling off the roof would hang in there. If it broke down, how would I get to work? And if I couldn’t get to work, how could I pay my credit card bills?
  • Qualify for savings on my insurance…I was paying $1000 per year more for car insurance back then than I am now! And it was all because of my low score!

Can you see how a low credit score just makes you poorer and poorer?

A vicious cycle.

I had collection agencies blowing up my phone and stuffing my mailbox.

I had dreams of starting my own business, but nobody would lend me any money and I couldn’t even get a decent credit card to get it started… all because of my low score!

It felt like my low credit was keeping me from doing anything to raise my credit score!

What a trap! I felt so stupid.

As you know, I eventually figured out the system. I started getting some “wins.” I started saving money. My score started inching up.

Eventually I got all the way to 811, which is where I’m at today.

So I put everything I could into my upcoming 5 day challenge, to help you raise your score faster than I did. Much faster!

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Good news! I’ve finally discovered a fast, personalized, inexpensive way to deliver all of my credit-boosting secrets.

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Cheers to Better Credit,

xo, Stephanie

Stephanie Lawrence